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Posted on Monday 22 August 2005

Anyone who knows me is aware that I can talk for hours about something that I am passionate about. And, anyone who knows me from within LabVIEW circles is also aware that I am very passionate about LabVIEW and its growing community of very talented, interesting, and giving people.

If you’re wondering about the title of my blog Thinking in G – An unfiltered stream of data flow consciousness, you should know that I really do think in G. LabVIEW was my first real programming language, and by “real” I mean that it was the first language that I used heavily for any extended period of time. That was over 10 years ago, so I naturally map my models onto solutions implemented in G. Of course, this can be limiting, since data-flow is just one type of view into a system. Software tools and high-level languages will evolve, but I am confident that these tools will rely heavily on graphical constructs for describing and interacting with systems.

So, welcome to my blog — I hope that you find it interesting and that I can provide enough insights to keep the stream flowing…

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