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Posted on Tuesday 6 September 2005

I found a cool article called Enterprise blogs: Business boost or timewaster? that takes a look at the present and future of blogging in the workplace (there’s really no past, since this is a very new phenomenon). It is interesting to think about the ideas presented in the article, with respect to the National Instruments Blogs that have surfaced recently. The article calls these “customer-facing blogs” since they are visible to customers. There are also “internal blogs” which are only visible to people inside a company, or inner circle. I wonder if NI has any of these? (Along those lines, the article also states that there will be another article, next month called “Enterprise Weblogs and Informal Collaboration: The Secret to Successful Knowledge Sharing”. I’m looking forward to reading it and will post a follow-up, once I have.)

The article points out several advantages of corporate blogs, but identifies one that is especially true for the National Instruments Blogs: “…the value of quickly and directly connecting to the hard-core customers and fans.” Being a “hard-core customer and fan” of NI and its incredible products, myself, it is great to have a window into the minds of some of NI’s developers and have an opportunity to engage them in dialog regarding topics that interest them. Also, it is great to see NI experimenting with new technology and to see NI reaching out to its community, which is an integral part of NI’s business success. NI has really done some great things with related technologies such as its community discussion and support forums.

On a related note, it is nice to see a lot of LabVIEW community blogs surface recently. Blogging is gaining a lot of popularity with LabVIEW developers, and I think it will continue to be an important aspect to the way the LabVIEW community communicates with each other. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that blogs are just another form of data-flow…

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