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Posted on Saturday 21 January 2006

A while back, or company started using FogBugz for all of its bug and issue tracking and using Fog Creek Copilot for allowing our developers to assist each other and our customers remotely, over the Internet. These two software products, which are both authored by Fog Creek Software, are truly great. And, I am not using the word “great” casually; they are GREAT pieces of software. They don’t try to do everything and they don’t have a million configuration options. But, they do perform functions that people need while hiding the complexities of how they achieve that functionality. The end result is software with a user experience that is remarkable.

As such, I was very happy to hear the announcement that both of these software applications are finalists for the Software Development Magazine 2006 Jolt Awards. It is nice to see people get rewarded for hard work and creativity, but it is also refreshing to see the positive results of doing things the right way — tracking and fixing bugs before adding new features, understanding use cases and addressing them in a way that provides users a simple way to quickly get things done, writing specifications before writing code, and a variety of software engineering best practices that Joel Spolsky (Fog Creek’s founder) blogs about all the time. Joel and his team at Fog Creek software are setting a great example and they are not just preaching — they are leading by example and giving hard evidence that developing software the right way will produce great software.

So, congrat’s Joel and the rest of the Fog Creek team beer_mug.gif . Keep the great software coming — I look forward to the pleasure of using it.

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