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Refactoring the ReferenceObject example in LV 8.2

When I first got my hands on LabVIEW 8.2, I was really curious to see some of the shipping examples that show how to use the native object-oriented features in 8.2. I was extremely happy to see an example on objects by reference (ReferenceObject.lvproj).
Now, I’m not going to get into a debate on which [...]

Subversion on the path to #1

This year’s results of the annual poll of Version Control Systems, by VSoft, shows that Subversion is well on the way to passing Microsoft Visual SourceSafe as the #1 choice.

An interesting statistic is that, since last year, Subversion use has grown by ~50% and Visual SourceSafe use has dropped by ~15%.
Which version control system do [...]

Eyes on VIs: a new LV blog by Christina Rogers

There is a new LabVIEW blogger in town and her name is Christina Rogers. The blog is titled Eyes on VIs and we should consider ourselves very lucky that Christina will posting articles and her thoughts on various LabVIEW topics — she has been a long-time member of the LabVIEW R&D team at NI [...]

LabVIEW for Everyone is now shipping!

( Books and LabVIEW )

I wanted to let everyone know that the third edition of LabVIEW for Everyone is now in print and shipping from booksellers everywhere! I saw the finished product, for the very first time, at NI Week. This was a very incredible moment — it made all the hard work that was spent, over this past [...]

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