LabVIEW for Everyone is now shipping!

Posted on Monday 14 August 2006

Jim and JeffreyI wanted to let everyone know that the third edition of LabVIEW for Everyone is now in print and shipping from booksellers everywhere! I saw the finished product, for the very first time, at NI Week. This was a very incredible moment — it made all the hard work that was spent, over this past year (or two), very tangible (literally and figuratively). It also closed a very long chapter (pun intended, of course) on an era of my personal and professional development. Boy am I ready to get back to writing LabVIEW code.

This third edition has been fully updated for LabVIEW 8 and has **doubled in size** (it’s now almost 1000 pages — wheel barrow not included), due to a very large amount of new material. And, it now comes in hard cover!

I trust that you will find this to be an extremely valuable resource whether you’re new to LabVIEW, a seasoned veteran, a member of the LabVIEW R&D team at NI, a college student in a lab course using LabVIEW, or an instructor teaching LabVIEW to students. Yes, LabVIEW for Everyone is for… well… everyone :-)


Click here to order LabVIEW for Everyone now!

Instructors: If you are considering using LabVIEW for Everyone as a reference book for your course, please apply for an exam copy here (click on the Add to Exam Copy Bookbag link and follow the instructions). Or, you can always contact your PH rep directly.

Corporate Decision Makers: If you are thinking of adopting LabVIEW for Everyone as a company standard (it makes for a GREAT LabVIEW training manual) then please apply for an exam copy here (click on the Add to Exam Copy Bookbag link and follow the instructions under the Corporate (in United States) section). Note that you can obtain corporate discounts on orders of 50 or more — please contact for more info.

2 Comments for 'LabVIEW for Everyone is now shipping!'

    March 14, 2007 | 5:14 am

    Hi Jim,
    Is there any low price edition released in India.Prentice hall India website provides no information regarding the publication .


    March 29, 2007 | 7:43 am

    Hi Praveen,

    I am not aware of any version being released in India. You should contact Prentice Hall and let them know that you are interested.

    I did hear that a version was going to be printed in Chinese, but that doesn\’t help you, probably :-)



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