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Presenting at NI Week 2007

( LabVIEW )

I’ll be presenting the following two technical sessions at NI Week 2007, relating to LabVIEW and professional software development using LabVIEW (abstracts are located here):

Developing Commercial Software Applications in LabVIEW
Managing LabVIEW Reuse VIs across the Enterprise

Also, my good friend and co-worker, Michael Aivaliotis, will be presenting the following technical session:

LabVIEW XControl Design Patterns

I’m really excited [...]

I couldn’t live without “String to 1D Array” and “1D Array to String”

This is the third article of “The OpenG VIs that I couldn’t live without“, a series of articles showing some of my favorite OpenG VIs. In this article, I’m going to show a couple really great functions: “String to 1D Array” and “1D Array to String“. These two little VIs are used to [...]

Reentrant VI Clone Name

( LabVIEW )

Starting in LabVIEW 8.0, LabVIEW introduced the concept of “clones” to reentrant VI instances — a pretty advanced topic. Because, spawning multiple instances of asynchronous “process” VIs will come up again, in the future, it’s good that we introduce this concept. Now, back to the point… with the introduction of “clones”, each reentrant [...]

I couldn’t live without “Resize Front Panel to Largest Decoration”

This is the second article of “The OpenG VIs that I couldn’t live without“, a series of articles showing some of my favorite OpenG VIs. In my last article, I talked about the Variant Configuration File VIs and how they allow you to easily write and read configuration parameters to and from files with [...]

Lazy Sunday

Yesterday, I didn’t get nearly enough work done. I was tired all day long and really dragging my feet. Well, it turns out that a bag of decaf (!?) coffee had somehow made it into rotation at the Kring household. It’s a good thing that this didn’t happen on a weekday.
I love [...]

The OpenG VIs that I couldn’t live without

One of my not so well kept secrets is that I really love to use OpenG’s free software libraries when I write software (using LabVIEW, of course). Yes, I’m a little biased (OK, a lot biased) because I have had a significant role in the development of these tools. That aside, I’m pretty sure that [...]

The LabVIEW Style Book

( Books and LabVIEW )

Yesterday, I got an unexpected surprise in the mail — a complimentary copy of Peter Blume’s new book, “The LabVIEW Style Book”. I was very happy to see this book hit the shelves because Peter and I were both working on our books at roughly the same time and I can really relate to [...]


Tomi Maila has just started blogging about LabVIEW and visual programming on his blog site, EXPRESSIONFLOW. If you’ve been involved in the LabVIEW community for the past couple of years, then you know that Tomi has a lot to say about LabVIEW and object-oriented programming in LabVIEW. I’ve been reading Tomi’s postings on [...]

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