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Build your EXE on day one, and keep it working

Many LabVIEW developers will put off building an EXE from their LabVIEW project until the very last minute. One of the great things about LabVIEW is that you don’t really need to build an EXE in order to run your application — you can simply run it from source code. So, developers spend [...]

LabVIEW is an irrelevant programming language

( Books and LabVIEW )

In this blog article, Mike Hendrickson discusses the state of the computer book market through an analysis of the number of book sales and available titles for different programming languages. According to the report, LabVIEW is categorized as “irrelevant” (with respect to book sales) — I’m not sure how valid his data collection and [...]

Java Real-Time and Wireless Sensors

( Java and Podcasts )

While listening to Java Posse (a great podcast that I love to listen to while driving around town), I learned that Sun has just released Java Real-Time System 2.0. I don’t program in Java but I find it very fascinating to learn more about how the Java platform works and what tools are out [...]

I couldn’t live without “Conditional Auto-Indexing Tunnel”

This is the tenth article of “The OpenG VIs that I couldn’t live without“, a series of articles showing some of my favorite OpenG VIs. In this article, I’m going to show a very useful VIs called the Conditional Auto-Indexing Tunnel, which is a powerful tool for conditional filtering of 1D arrays.

This VI filters [...]

Software Engineering Radio Podcast on Sensor Networks

I do a bit of driving around the San Francisco Bay area visiting clients. When I’m on the road, I love to listen to the Software Engineering Radio podcast. Their most recent podcast, Episode 56: Sensor Networks, is very interesting and discusses cool topics like how to track containers (as they travel on [...]

I couldn’t live without relative path inputs to file constants

This is the ninth article of “The OpenG VIs that I couldn’t live without“, a series of articles showing some of my favorite OpenG VIs. In this article, I’m going to show you a great hidden feature of the OpenG File Tools library: relative path inputs to file constants. You might have noticed [...]

White Board Modeling (and User Interface Mock-ups)

Recently, Tomi Malia blogged about user interfaces and how to use hand-drawn paper mock-ups as a tool for quickly developing, iterating, and proving user interface concepts before committing them to code. This is a great technique and I highly advocate the practice. But, my personal favorite is a whiteboard with dry-erase markers.
A white [...]

Human Interface Guidlines and the new IndieHIG Wiki

Anyone who wants to create software that looks and feels “professional” should study the various human interface guidelines (HIG) available on-line.
For example, the following are some guidelines published by some well-known organizations:

Apple Human Interface Guidelines
Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines
NASA User-Interface Guidelines
Windows Vista User Experience Guidelines

One of the coolest things about the Internet and on-line [...]

Application Lifecycle Management – SourceGear Fortress

One area of software development that is currently out of range for small companies is good application lifecycle management (ALM) software. There are some solutions out there, but they require very expensive licenses and pretty complicated server setup. That’s why I was excited to hear that SourceGear (a Micro ISV) has announced [...]

TortoiseSVN Blogs

Frequently, I post articles on TortoiseSVN, a version control software tool that I absolutely love.  I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from readers who want more articles on the subject.  And, I’ll certainly do my best to keep them coming. :)  For all those readers who want to learn more about TortoiseSVN, I wanted [...]

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