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My definition of software engineering

In my opinion, software engineering is the quest to create working software that satisfies its requirements, where the effort required to develop and maintain the software is minimized and does not grow exponentially with the complexity of its ever-changing requirements or the number of changes made to the software over time.
Think about all of the [...]

LabVIEW tip: easy unit conversion

Recently, I wrote a short article on easy relative timestamp calculations, showing how to use LabVIEW’s built in units feature to easily add relative times to timestamps. Now, I want to show you another very useful technique that every LabVIEW developer should know — how to harness the built-in unit conversion capabilities of LabVIEW [...]

OpenG Class Templates for Object-Oriented Programming

Wow! It is a really exciting time to be a LabVIEW software developer. For the first time ever, we have the ability to create and edit by-reference classes and create our own class templates for use within the LabVIEW project environment, for the low-low price of free! This is all possible due [...]

Write your LabVIEW code so that it breaks

One thing that I try to do when writing LabVIEW code, is to craft it in such a way that it breaks during just the right editing circumstances. I know that it might sound crazy, but it’s true.
You probably know that LabVIEW is a very strictly typed language. For example, when you try [...]

Top 5 bad excuses for not using source code control

Source code control tools are important for anyone working on projects with files stored on computers, especially software developers. They help you to have a record of every version of every file in your project, and make those files available to multiple developers working in a distributed environment. Many people have excuses for [...]

The Long Tail and LabVIEW

( Books and NI Week )

NI recently announced that this year’s guest keynote speaker will be Chris Anderson. If you don’t know already, Chris has a blog and a book called “The Long Tail” where he talks about how the future of marketing is about dominating niches by being the very best in a highly focused area.
It will be [...]

LabVIEW tip: easy relative timestamp calculations

Have you ever wanted to add relative time to a time stamp data type in LabVIEW? You can easily do this by adding a floating point to the time stamp, as shown below.

The units are in seconds and, as you can see, Time Stamp out is one second greater than Time Stamp (in) as [...]

Putting on my text-based programmer hat – a PHP weekend

( PHP )

Boy do I love developing software using a graphical programming language! After spending a whole weekend developing software for JKI’s website server in the text-based PHP language, I can happily say that I’m glad that I don’t have to that as my full-time occupation — I’ll stick to LabVIEW as my day job.
It’s really [...]

OpenG is an unfair advantage

( LabVIEW and NI Week and OpenG )

Two years ago, I won the LabVIEW coding challenge at NI Week 2005. People speculate that I had an unfair advantage because I used OpenG libraries (which, as most of you know, I couldn’t live without). But, everyone who was competing had access to the OpenG libraries (since they were installed on each [...]

OpenG Wiki

( OpenG )

I put on my IT systems administrator hat, yesterday, (which is not nearly as much fun as wearing my LabVIEW developer hat) and installed MediaWiki on the OpenG.org website. I’m really excited about the new OpenG wiki, since it will give the open source LabVIEW community a good way to collaborate on OpenG [...]

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