OpenG is an unfair advantage

Posted on Monday 4 June 2007

OpenG PaletteTwo years ago, I won the LabVIEW coding challenge at NI Week 2005. People speculate that I had an unfair advantage because I used OpenG libraries (which, as most of you know, I couldn’t live without). But, everyone who was competing had access to the OpenG libraries (since they were installed on each computer in the competition). They could have learned how to use this powerful set of freely available LabVIEW tools.

There are rumors of another coding challenge this year at NI Week 2007. Are you looking for a competitive edge (in the coding challenge or in your LabVIEW development, in general)? Why not take the time to learn how to use the OpenG libraries?

You can obtain the OpenG libraries using VI Package Manager (VIPM). Simply select the various OpenG libraries (the oglib_* packages from within VIPM) and install them. You will then find an OpenG submenu in your Functions palette with loads of great stuff. (See here for a quick guide on how to install OpenG on VIPM.)

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