Putting on my text-based programmer hat – a PHP weekend

Posted on Tuesday 5 June 2007

text-based.jpgBoy do I love developing software using a graphical programming language! After spending a whole weekend developing software for JKI’s website server in the text-based PHP language, I can happily say that I’m glad that I don’t have to that as my full-time occupation — I’ll stick to LabVIEW as my day job.

It’s really funny how primitive the tools are for text based programming — yes even full-blown IDEs. After using LabVIEW for quite some time, you get used to having features like find all instances, double-clicking a subVI (subroutine) to open it in the editor, showing the context help window to read documentation of functions and subroutines, the VI hierarchy window, and the list goes on.

By the way, I tested several IDEs for PHP and the best one that I could find was Komodo IDE. I also checked out PHPEdit, PHPeclipse, and devPHP — they were all nice, but I liked Komodo best (but maybe I’m biased because I’ve used it before for Python development).

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    June 8, 2007 | 2:29 pm

    I wouldn’t necessarily toss all text-based programming into one basket. I’ve never done PHP programming, so I can’t comment on any IDEs for it. I have, however, done a fair bit of C# programming using the free Visual C# Express Edition, and I think the IDE is actually quite good, and hardly primitive. Need to open up a function that’s being called? Right-click on it and select “Go to definition”. Need help on a function? Hover over it and the tipstrip comes up to display its prototype. Intellisense is great at displaying what the arguments are, as well as the overloaded versions. Need to find all instances of a function? Highlight the function, right-click and select “Find All References”. And the list goes on…

    Is LabVIEW a good development environment? Absolutely! Is it better than text-based IDEs? Debatable, as it’s a different kind of environment. I’m comfortable in both kinds of environments, and there are some things that I would never attempt with one language and others that can be done in either one.

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