LabVIEW tip: easy unit conversion

Posted on Monday 25 June 2007

Recently, I wrote a short article on easy relative timestamp calculations, showing how to use LabVIEW’s built in units feature to easily add relative times to timestamps. Now, I want to show you another very useful technique that every LabVIEW developer should know — how to harness the built-in unit conversion capabilities of LabVIEW for converting units of numerics. Here’s how:

Simply cascade two Convert Unit functions where the first has the from units and the second has the to units (see the screenshot, below). Yep, that’s all there is to is :)

Note: in order for the above example to work, the original numeric must be a pure number (therefore having no units associated with it, already) which is usually the case.

If you liked this tip then you should check out, LabVIEW for Everyone. It’s chalk full of great LabVIEW tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years.

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