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My NIWeek 2007 Presentations

One the reasons that NIWeek 2007 was the Best NIWeek Ever was that I got to present four times! I gave the following two presentations (I presented the latter at three different times):

Using Free and Open Source LabVIEW Software
Developing Commercial Software Applications in LabVIEW

The first presentation, “Using Free and Open Source LabVIEW Software“, was [...]

Should your Commercial LabVIEW Application be Cross-Platform?

One of the great things about LabVIEW is that it supports several platforms. However, being cross-platform is not always trivial, especially if your application is a stand-alone executable (as opposed to a reuse library distributed in source code form).

In order to decide whether you should be cross-platform compatible, first consider whether you need to. [...]


( LAVA and LabVIEW )

One the reasons that NIWeek 2007 was the Best NIWeek Ever was that we found out about a new easter egg (hidden feature) in LabVIEW 8.5.
Enter “SuperFunkyPrivateSpecialSecretForumStuff=LAVA” into your LabVIEW.ini file and you will see the LabVIEW Advanced Virtual Architects (LAVA) logo on your LabVIEW 8.5 splash screen

[UPDATE] Here is the t-shirt that [...]

Cool New LabVIEW Project Features in 8.5

I just got done watching a great video tutorial of some cool new LabVIEW 8.5 project explorer features in Christina Rogers’ latest blog article, Project File Management Enhancements.
Here are some of the new favorites that got me excited:

Save As (on your project file) — LabVIEW 8.0 and 8.2 do not have Save As for a [...]

Using Beyond Compare as your TortoiseSVN Diff Program for ZIP Archives

One of the beautiful things about source code control is having the ability to compare the differences between a file that you’ve modified and the same file before the modifications. If you’re already using TortoiseSVN then you probably know that it has built-in support for comparing the differences of text files. But, did [...]

Password Protecting VIs is Security Through Obscurity

I have a huge problem with password protected VIs. It gives people false assurance that nobody will be able to see the intellectual property contained in a VI’s block diagram (the source code).
The basis of my argument is that, behind the scenes, LabVIEW accesses a VI’s block diagram to recompile it for other platforms [...]

Front Row Tickets to NIWeek

( LAVA and NI Week )

One the reasons that NIWeek 2007 was the Best NIWeek Ever was that several of us decided to sit in the front row for all three keynotes and were able to pull it off. You don’t actually need special tickets to sit in the front row at NIWeek keynotes, but you do have to get [...]

Best NIWeek Ever

( Books and LAVA and LabVIEW and NI Week and OpenG )

While you were busy installing LabVIEW 8.5 in the 5th dimension, alfa…
I was having the BEST NIWEEK EVER!

I got to present four times!
Michael’s XControls presentation rocked!
I got to sit in the front row at every keynote!
JKI was recognized by NI during a keynote as being an important part of the LabVIEW Community Ecosystem!
JKI’s booth location [...]

VMware IPO

It’s been a long time since the heyday of high-tech IPOs that occurred in the late 1990’s, here in Silicon Valley. So, it’s very exciting that VMware (NYSE: VMW) is having its IPO this morning (Aug 14th, 2007).

Anyone who knows me (in a technical capacity) knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE (did I mention that [...]

JKI at NIWeek 2007

( JKI and LabVIEW and NI Week )

All next week, I’ll be at NIWeek 2007, along with the rest of the JKI team. This year will be very exciting as there is a lot going on…
JKI Technical Presentations
JKI will be presenting at three technical sessions:

Developing Commercial Software Applications in LabVIEW
Session ID: TS1560
Presenter: Jim Kring
Time (Location):
* Monday, 10:30 AM (Room 13) [Session [...]

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