LabVIEW Multicore Benchmark Demo

Posted on Monday 24 September 2007

Here are a couple great photos (courtesy of Joris Robijn) from the NIWeek 2007 keynote*, which show LabVIEW's response to the multicore crisis:

Multicore Quotes Multicore Benchmarks

The photo on the left shows two quotes, describing the industry's concern with the state of parallel software:

"To fully exploit the power of processors working in parallel… new software must deal with the problem of concurrency."
--Bill Gates, Microsoft

"But a parallel programming model... will not emerge for another 5 to 10 years, according to experts at Microsoft Corp."
--Rick Merrit, EE Times

The photo on the right shows a LabVIEW's response: a program running 3.8x times faster when running on a quad core, as opposed to running on a single core.  This was a very cool demo... they started with a single core and incrementally enabled each additional core.  The speed started at 1x, then jumped to 1.9x as they enabled the second core, then jumped to 2.9x with the third, and then jumped to 3.8x with the quad core.

*There is a great video of the demo -- in the player, click on Tuesday, August 7th, then click on the second item: Graphical System Design: Designed, Prototyped, and Deployed - Tim Denhe 4:00.

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