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A Challenge to NI: Use your Application Builder

I'd like to challenge developers at NI to find more ways to incorporate stand-alone (built) LabVIEW applications into their internal systems and processes. One of the major pain points in my day-to-day use of LabVIEW (which I love) is building stand-alone applications. I suspect that the reason this is so painful for me is that (in addition to my use cases [...]

Creating ordered elements in XML

( EasyXML and LabVIEW and XML )
XML doesn't inherently support element ordering. So, if you have XML that looks like this (below), you can't deterministically say that the element with "foo" data comes before element with "bar" data. <element>    <data>foo</data> </element> <element>    <data>bar</data> </element> <element>    <data>monkey</data> </element> <element>    <data>fish</data> </element> You can get around this XML limitation by explicitly adding an order/index attribute to your ordered elements. For example: <element n="1">    <data>foo</data> </element> <element n="2">    <data>bar</data> </element> <element n="3">    <data>monkey</data> </element> <element n="4">    <data>fish</data> </element> In order [...]

The Diagram Disable Structure causes bugs

One LabVIEW features that I both love and hate is the Diagram Disable Structure.  I love the fact that you can comment out code, especially broken or stub (unfinished) code.  However, I hate the fact that output tunnels of the Diagram Disable Structure are set to "Use Default if Unwired", because it causes buggy code.  Here's an example... Let's say that we [...]

Free CLAD exam at LabVIEW Developer Education Day

LabVIEW Developer Education Day is coming up soon (May 22), here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The good news is that National Instruments will be giving free Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer exams at the event, so, if you're not yet certified, this is a great way to do it.  If you've read my blog, you know that certification matters (to me). Recently, I've gotten [...]

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