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Why I blog

Recently, a couple blogs that I follow discussed why they blog.  I figured that I would add to the discussion by sharing why I blog... In 2002, I founded JKI, a LabVIEW consulting company that also dabbles in LabVIEW software product development.  When you work as a consultant, it's easy to start equating every hour as potential billable income, which makes it difficult (by simple [...]

ESX Server 3i – Scalable Virtual Machine Harware

I really love VMware (who recently had their IPO). I've used their VMware Workstation product for quite a while (I love the snapshoting and branching features), I just started using VMware Fusion on my Mac at home, and I'm evaluating their VMware Server products for some of JKI's office servers (such as our daily build machine). That's why I was very excited to hear the announcement that they [...]

Top 5 signs you’ve lost control of your reusable VIs

Top 5 signs you’re not in control of your reusable VIs.
# 5 – You (and your team) aren’t using the reuse library.
You used to have big plans for your reusable VIs.  You organized them.  You had meetings to review them.  You assigned someone the job to clean them up and create a great big library for everyone [...]

A new LabVIEW blog – Bob’s LabVIEW Insights

( LabVIEW )
I'd like to welcome Bob Hamburger to the LabVIEW blogger community! Bob just announced his first blog post, Insidious Memory Leaks, Part 1, on his new blog, Bob's LabVIEW Insights. Keep the great blog articles, coming, Bob. I'm looking forward to them

LabVIEW 8.5 Feature – For Loop Conditional Terminal

One of the great new features in LabVIEW 8.5 is the addition of an optional Conditional Terminal on the For Loop structure.  This allows you to easily "break" out of the For Loop, when an exit condition occurs. (In fact, text based programming languages often let you use the "break" command to exit a For Loop.) In the screenshot below, you can see [...]

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