A new LabVIEW blog – Bob’s LabVIEW Insights

Posted on Tuesday 8 July 2008

I'd like to welcome Bob Hamburger to the LabVIEW blogger community! Bob just announced his first blog post, Insidious Memory Leaks, Part 1, on his new blog, Bob's LabVIEW Insights.

Bob Hamburger

Keep the great blog articles, coming, Bob. I'm looking forward to them :)

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    May 8, 2012 | 12:57 am

    Dear sir,
    i have written a code using principal component analysis for sensor failure detection in matlab. my code runs good in matlab and I’m getting proper outputs. But the controller in which I’m going to use the code will support only c , c++ , .net or labview code and it’ll not support matlab. So I’m planning convert my matlab code into a equivalent labview code, is it possible? is so kindly guide me how to proceed.
    thanks. .

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