On the Road Again – NI Technical Symposium tour

Posted on Sunday 5 October 2008

Having a great product is an opportunity to do great marketing.  And, since JKI recently released VIPM Professional 2.0, part of our “great marketing” strategy is to travel to several cities across the United States for the NI Technical Symposium (NITS) 2008 tour (beginning this week) to show people how they can save time and money through more efficient and effective LabVIEW code reuse with VIPM Professional.

NI Technical Symposium 2008 Banner

I’ll be personally attending each of the following NITS events:

Additionally, I’ll be presenting a technical session, Effective LabVIEW Code Reuse Strategies and Tools, at the Santa Clara, CA (October 16) and Raleigh, NC (November 5) events.  This presentation was sold out (standing room only) at NIWeek 2008.  So, make sure to get there early to get a good seat :)

The purpose of attending all these events will be to spread the word about VIPM Professional and how it can help LabVIEW developers and their teams take control of their reusable VIs.  I’ll be giving live demos at our booth showing people the benefits of VI Packages and chatting with people about how they reuse LabVIEW code in their projects and with their team members.

Download VI Package Manager

During our NITS tour, I’m looking forward to learning a lot, meeting new people, and visiting with colleagues, friends, and customers.  I hope that you can make it, too.   If you can, please make sure to stop by the JKI booth and say hello.  I’d love to meet you.

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