Knock out some reusable code in between projects.

Posted on Saturday 1 November 2008

One great way to make the most of your time between projects is to work on your reusable code library.  You aren’t under the gun to finish a huge project, and you have some “free” time that’s not billable.  So, why not spend that time working on your reusable code?

You’ve probably created lots of reusable gems in your past projects that just needs to be polished up a bit.  Now is a great time to dig these up, improve them, organize them into a reuse library, and then use VIPM Professional to convert your reuse library into VI Packages.

The truth is, just because your time right now isn’t billable to customer projects, it doesn’t mean that you can’t profit from this “free” time later — if you’re working on reusable code that you can use in future projects, those future projects will get done faster and with higher quality by leveraging your reusable code.

Great companies work hard through slow downs, training for the moment that the starting bell rings, signaling the start of the next round.  Then, they come out strong and ready to scrap.  If you think a slow down at work is a good time to go on vacation, then you’re the one whose going to get knocked out by the competition.

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