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Posted on Monday 1 June 2009

I’m excited about the new LabVIEW Idea Exchange where users can share and vote on ideas for LabVIEW features.  In fact, I’ve already posted an idea, Option for Disabled Structures to Not Use Default Value for Unwired Output Tunnels, which was taken from a previous post (a rant, really), here at Thinking in G.

I’m thankful that NI is giving users ways to communicate ideas for how to improve LabVIEW, and I’m certain that this will really help in giving users a voice about pain points in LabVIEW that might not be readily apparent to NI.  This is yet another example (here are a couple more) of how NI is working hard to open up LabVIEW and let the community participate in making LabVIEW better.

Kudos to NI and the great feature ideas that are already showing up on this powerful, new community tool.

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