Jim Kring

Hello, my name is Jim Kring and I am a software developer who uses the LabVIEW graphical programming language.

Those of us who are passionate about LabVIEW graphical programming affectionately refer to the language as “G”. Those of us who have immersed ourselves in LabVIEW development for long enough often find ourselves thinking in G — we naturally solve programming problems using the tool we know best.

This blog’s content is centered around LabVIEW software development, with an emphasis on software engineering. I am avid about the effective use of LabVIEW in real software engineering projects. And, when I reach a limitation in the tools, I try to overcome that limitation by creating my own tools written, of course, in LabVIEW.

I take LabVIEW tools development very seriously and am an active contributor to, and leader of, OpenG. OpenG is a community of LabVIEW developers around the world who work together to create open source LabVIEW tools for everyone to use, for free! I am also an active contributor to LAVA, a community of advanced LabVIEW users around the world who work together to solve problems and support the efforts of other community members. I recently co-authored a book on LabVIEW software development called LabVIEW for Everyone, which aims to help users of all levels become effective at LabVIEW programming.

I should also note that I make my living as principal at JKI, where our team of LabVIEW experts provides consulting services to companies who want to take their LabVIEW projects and skills to the next level. The content of this blog is a direct result of my day-to-day use of LabVIEW with our customers, as well as with our company’s internal projects. I hope that you find it to be insightful and useful on your LabVIEW journey, thinking in G.

Best Regards,

-Jim Kring

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