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LabVIEW for Everyone available on Amazon Kindle and O’Reilly Safari

LabVIEW for Everyone, 3rd edition is now available on O'Reilly Safari Books Online and the Amazon Kindle . I haven't tried the Kindle yet, but it looks very promising.

LabVIEW for Everyone… even 10 year old wiz kids

One of the stars of NIWeek 2007 was a 10 year old wiz kid named Samuel Majors, who is using LabVIEW to automate his model train sets. Samuel was featured during a part of the keynote on Thursday, August 9th titled "Future Scientists and Engineers" (see [...]

Best NIWeek Ever

( Books and LAVA and LabVIEW and NI Week and OpenG )

While you were busy installing LabVIEW 8.5 in the 5th dimension, alfa…
I was having the BEST NIWEEK EVER!

I got to present four times!
Michael’s XControls presentation rocked!
I got to sit in the front row at every keynote!
JKI was recognized by NI during a keynote as being an important part of the LabVIEW Community Ecosystem!
JKI’s booth location [...]

The Long Tail and LabVIEW

( Books and NI Week )

NI recently announced that this year’s guest keynote speaker will be Chris Anderson. If you don’t know already, Chris has a blog and a book called “The Long Tail” where he talks about how the future of marketing is about dominating niches by being the very best in a highly focused area.
It will be [...]

LabVIEW is an irrelevant programming language

( Books and LabVIEW )

In this blog article, Mike Hendrickson discusses the state of the computer book market through an analysis of the number of book sales and available titles for different programming languages. According to the report, LabVIEW is categorized as “irrelevant” (with respect to book sales) — I’m not sure how valid his data collection and [...]

The LabVIEW Style Book

( Books and LabVIEW )

Yesterday, I got an unexpected surprise in the mail — a complimentary copy of Peter Blume’s new book, “The LabVIEW Style Book”. I was very happy to see this book hit the shelves because Peter and I were both working on our books at roughly the same time and I can really relate to [...]

LabVIEW for Everyone is now shipping!

( Books and LabVIEW )

I wanted to let everyone know that the third edition of LabVIEW for Everyone is now in print and shipping from booksellers everywhere! I saw the finished product, for the very first time, at NI Week. This was a very incredible moment — it made all the hard work that was spent, over this past [...]

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