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Knock out some reusable code in between projects.

( Code Reuse and VIPM )

One great way to make the most of your time between projects is to work on your reusable code library.  You aren’t under the gun to finish a huge project, and you have some “free” time that’s not billable.  So, why not spend that time working on your reusable code?
You’ve probably created lots of reusable [...]

The JKI State Machine makes its public debut

I’m very happy to announce that JKI has released the JKI State Machine™ to the public as a free download.  This is the very same template that is used by the JKI team, nearly every day, in our products and various projects.

This tool is the direct result of putting some of the best LabVIEW minds [...]

Planning for software reuse is easy — mining is hard

One of the best places to find reusable code is in your old projects.  However, “mining” your old projects for “reuse gems” (sorting through every VI, looking for sparkly little gems of general-purpose code that have immense value) is simply not an effective use of time or energy.

For example, if you were a miner looking [...]

Top 5 signs you’ve lost control of your reusable VIs

Top 5 signs you’re not in control of your reusable VIs.
# 5 – You (and your team) aren’t using the reuse library.
You used to have big plans for your reusable VIs.  You organized them.  You had meetings to review them.  You assigned someone the job to clean them up and create a great big library for everyone [...]

Monolithic vs. Modular Software Reuse Libraries (Part II)

In part I of this series, we discussed the benefits of the monolithic reuse library.  These benefits make it a very attractive solution in the early stages of a reuse library's evolution. Most of these benefits are a result of the fact that there is a single unit, which is easy to distribute, version control, and manage. However, a monolithic reuse library can quickly become [...]

Monolithic vs. Modular Software Reuse Libraries (Part I)

If you’ve gotten past the horrendously boring title of this article, you probably know a little bit about software reuse libraries.   You probably even contribute to a software reuse library (a personal reuse library or one belonging to your organization).   So, I won’t go into the benefits of code reuse and the pitfalls of reinventing the wheel -- I’ll jump right in and get to [...]

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