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Set the revision of your svn:externals (or else!)

There is a very cool Subversion feature called svn:externals (or External Definitions), which is a very powerful feature that allows several projects to reuse common code.  However, this can be a very dangerous feature, if you’re not careful… but we’ll get to that.
The svn:externals feature allows you to create a working copy consisting of [...]

Google Chrome – A new web browser that’s fast and simple

Google has done it again.  They’ve just introducing a new web browser called Chrome that is fast, easy to use, and has lots of nice features — oh ya, it’s also very pleasant to look at.  If Microsoft wasn’t worried before, they had better be worried, now.
Here’s a screenshot of chrome in action:

What I immediately [...]

XML Notepad 2007 – new release

One of the members of the JKI team just pointed me to the new version (2.5.2798.17141) of XML Notepad.  The major improvement is performance — it’s MUCH faster!  The old version was pretty clunky (although, very feature rich and easy to use).

This free tool from Microsoft is very useful for editing and debugging XML when [...]

LabVIEW 8.6 Quick Drop is awesome (and an unfair advantage)!

I’m lucky enough to have a new project that will be developed in LabVIEW 8.6 (which was just released at NIWeek 2008), so I get to start using various new features like Darren’s totaly awesome Quick Drop tool.  I’m really excited to start using Quick Drop, because I saw Darren (the LabVIEW R&D team member [...]

Using XML Data in LabVIEW Just Got Easier

( Developer Tools and JKI and LabVIEW and XML )
As I've mentioned before, using XML data in LabVIEW is way too hard.  And, according to this poll, 7 out of 10 LabVIEW developers think so, too.  LabVIEW's built-in XML schema and support functions are not at all useful for generating and parsing XML schemas defined by others.  And, the various tools available to LabVIEW developers for generating and parsing XML schemas [...]

VI Package Manager 1.1 Released

( Developer Tools and JKI and LabVIEW and VIPM )
I'm happy to announce that JKI has shipped the 1.1 release of VI Package Manager , a tool that makes it simple to find, download, and install reusable LabVIEW VIs directly into the functions palette. We're very proud of this release, as it adds an important new feature: configuration management. In this release, [...]

Using Beyond Compare as your TortoiseSVN Diff Program for ZIP Archives

One of the beautiful things about source code control is having the ability to compare the differences between a file that you’ve modified and the same file before the modifications. If you’re already using TortoiseSVN then you probably know that it has built-in support for comparing the differences of text files. But, did [...]

VMware IPO

It’s been a long time since the heyday of high-tech IPOs that occurred in the late 1990’s, here in Silicon Valley. So, it’s very exciting that VMware (NYSE: VMW) is having its IPO this morning (Aug 14th, 2007).

Anyone who knows me (in a technical capacity) knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE (did I mention that [...]

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