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Creating ordered elements in XML

( EasyXML and LabVIEW and XML )
XML doesn't inherently support element ordering. So, if you have XML that looks like this (below), you can't deterministically say that the element with "foo" data comes before element with "bar" data. <element>    <data>foo</data> </element> <element>    <data>bar</data> </element> <element>    <data>monkey</data> </element> <element>    <data>fish</data> </element> You can get around this XML limitation by explicitly adding an order/index attribute to your ordered elements. For example: <element n="1">    <data>foo</data> </element> <element n="2">    <data>bar</data> </element> <element n="3">    <data>monkey</data> </element> <element n="4">    <data>fish</data> </element> In order [...]

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