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Vote for LabVIEW features at

I’m excited about the new LabVIEW Idea Exchange where users can share and vote on ideas for LabVIEW features.  In fact, I’ve already posted an idea, Option for Disabled Structures to Not Use Default Value for Unwired Output Tunnels, which was taken from a previous post (a rant, really), here at Thinking in G.
I’m thankful [...]

A Challenge to NI: Use your Application Builder

I'd like to challenge developers at NI to find more ways to incorporate stand-alone (built) LabVIEW applications into their internal systems and processes. One of the major pain points in my day-to-day use of LabVIEW (which I love) is building stand-alone applications. I suspect that the reason this is so painful for me is that (in addition to my use cases [...]

Did National Instruments forget about Virtual Instruments?

It’s been over 20 years now that National Instruments has been refining LabVIEW as a powerful test, measurement, and automation platform, as well as a general purpose graphical data flow programming language. For many years, LabVIEW’s slogan was " the software is the instrument ". NI even named the basic building block [...]

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