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My NIWeek 2009 Schedule

( NI Week )

I’ve been so busy getting ready for NIWeek, that I haven’t had time to post my NIWeek schedule.  If you’re coming, I hope to see you there.  Please do find me and say “hi”.
This is still a work-in progress but, here it is:
JKI’s Schedule
First, you should check out the JKI NIWeek 2009 schedule — my [...]

Video of JKI’s NIWeek 2008 presentation on code reuse

( JKI and LabVIEW and NI Week )

We’ve just posted video of JKI’s sold out NIWeek 2008 presentation on Effective LabVIEW Code Reuse Strategies and Tools.
We used Zentation to mash-up the Google Video with the PowerPoint slides and it turned out very good.  Next year, we’re going to try to focus on taking video of the presenters (hopefully with better lighting), rather [...]

LabVIEW 8.6 Quick Drop is awesome (and an unfair advantage)!

I’m lucky enough to have a new project that will be developed in LabVIEW 8.6 (which was just released at NIWeek 2008), so I get to start using various new features like Darren’s totaly awesome Quick Drop tool.  I’m really excited to start using Quick Drop, because I saw Darren (the LabVIEW R&D team member [...]

Delivering Sold-out NIWeek Presentations

( JKI and NI Week )
The JKI presentations at NIWeek 2008 were very popular -- the rooms were full to capacity while eager attendees were (unfortunately) turned away at the door due to fire safety concerns.  While the size of the audience is a good indication that people anticipated high-quality presentations, we were thrilled to received direct feedback from many attendees, afterward, who stated how much they enjoyed [...]

LabVIEW for Everyone… even 10 year old wiz kids

One of the stars of NIWeek 2007 was a 10 year old wiz kid named Samuel Majors, who is using LabVIEW to automate his model train sets. Samuel was featured during a part of the keynote on Thursday, August 9th titled "Future Scientists and Engineers" (see [...]

JKI and the LabVIEW Community

( JKI and LAVA and LabVIEW and NI Week and OpenG )

One the reasons that NIWeek 2007 was the Best NIWeek Ever was that during the NIWeek 2007 Alliance Day keynote, NI showed a slide called “The LabVIEW Community Online” (shown above) which included JKI’s logo! This slide displayed the logos of various LabVIEW community websites, including discussion forums, blogs, etc. I was extremely [...]

An NIWeek t-shirt so small, it’s “limited only by your imagination”.

( NI Week )

This year’s NIWeek T-shirt was so small that it came vacuum-sealed in a 1″x3″x6″ (approximate) package. Honestly, when I first saw it, I had no idea that it was a t-shirt — it looked more like a marshmallow sandwich.
In order to compress a t-shirt into that small of a package, it [...]

My NIWeek 2007 Presentations

One the reasons that NIWeek 2007 was the Best NIWeek Ever was that I got to present four times! I gave the following two presentations (I presented the latter at three different times):

Using Free and Open Source LabVIEW Software
Developing Commercial Software Applications in LabVIEW

The first presentation, “Using Free and Open Source LabVIEW Software“, was [...]

Front Row Tickets to NIWeek

( LAVA and NI Week )

One the reasons that NIWeek 2007 was the Best NIWeek Ever was that several of us decided to sit in the front row for all three keynotes and were able to pull it off. You don’t actually need special tickets to sit in the front row at NIWeek keynotes, but you do have to get [...]

Best NIWeek Ever

( Books and LAVA and LabVIEW and NI Week and OpenG )

While you were busy installing LabVIEW 8.5 in the 5th dimension, alfa…
I was having the BEST NIWEEK EVER!

I got to present four times!
Michael’s XControls presentation rocked!
I got to sit in the front row at every keynote!
JKI was recognized by NI during a keynote as being an important part of the LabVIEW Community Ecosystem!
JKI’s booth location [...]

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