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XML Notepad 2007 – new release

One of the members of the JKI team just pointed me to the new version (2.5.2798.17141) of XML Notepad.  The major improvement is performance — it’s MUCH faster!  The old version was pretty clunky (although, very feature rich and easy to use).

This free tool from Microsoft is very useful for editing and debugging XML when [...]

Creating ordered elements in XML

( EasyXML and LabVIEW and XML )
XML doesn't inherently support element ordering. So, if you have XML that looks like this (below), you can't deterministically say that the element with "foo" data comes before element with "bar" data. <element>    <data>foo</data> </element> <element>    <data>bar</data> </element> <element>    <data>monkey</data> </element> <element>    <data>fish</data> </element> You can get around this XML limitation by explicitly adding an order/index attribute to your ordered elements. For example: <element n="1">    <data>foo</data> </element> <element n="2">    <data>bar</data> </element> <element n="3">    <data>monkey</data> </element> <element n="4">    <data>fish</data> </element> In order [...]

Using XML Data in LabVIEW Just Got Easier

( Developer Tools and JKI and LabVIEW and XML )
As I've mentioned before, using XML data in LabVIEW is way too hard.  And, according to this poll, 7 out of 10 LabVIEW developers think so, too.  LabVIEW's built-in XML schema and support functions are not at all useful for generating and parsing XML schemas defined by others.  And, the various tools available to LabVIEW developers for generating and parsing XML schemas [...]

Using XML Data in LabVIEW is Hard

( LabVIEW and Rants and XML )
XML, which stands for e “9″>Xtensible “75″>Markup “11″>Language, is text-based data format (or language) that is human readable and can be used to create arbitrary data structures.  It is designed to facilitate sharing structured data across many different systems.  Here is a simple example of XML data: “53″><Person Nationality=”US”> “font-family: courier new,courier,monospace;” zid=”20″> “54″>  <Name> “font-family: courier new,courier,monospace;” zid=”21″> [...]

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